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Novels (12):

                                       1)   Krishnaveni (Krishnaveni)

                                       2)   Peka Medalu (House of Cards)

                                       3)   Bali Pitham (Sacrificial Altar)

                                       4)   Kulina Godalu (The collapsed walls)

                                       5)   Strii (Woman)

                                       6)   Rachayitri (Authoress)

                                       7)   Ide, Na Nyayam! (This is my Justice!)

                                       8)   Chaduvukunna Kamala (Educated Kamala)

                                       9)   Kala Enduku? (Purpose of art?)

                                   10)   Sweet Home (3 parts in 2 volumes)

                                   11)   Andhakaramlo…(In the darkness…)

                                   12)   Janaki Vimukti (3 parts in 2 volumes) (Emancipation of Janaki)



Abridged re-rendering of English novels (3):

                                   13)   Spartacus (Howard Faust's novel)

                                   14)   Tom Mama Illu (Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel 'Uncle Tom's Cabin)

                                   15)   Sweeccha Patham (Howard Faust's novel 'Freedom Road))



Long-stories (5):

                                   16)   Palleturu (The village)

                                   17)   Andalamma garu (Mrs. Andalamma)

                                   18)   Na Dairylo Oka Pegi (A page in my dairy)

                                   19)   Chuttalu (Relatives)

                                   20)   Premakanna Madhuramainadi (Greater than love)


Story-collections (10):

                                   21)   Gulabi Pusindi (14 stories) (The rose blossomed)

                                   22)   Naku Chachipovalanivundi (9 stories) (I would like to die)

                                   23)   Panditlo Pellavutondi (5 stories) (Marriage is being held in the pandal)

                                   24)   Amma (8 stories) (Mother)

                                   25)   Sobhanam Ratri (9 stories) (The nuptial night)

                                   26)   Pellaniki Premalekha (8 stories) (A love-letter to the wife)

                                   27)   Prema Premanu Premistundi (5 stories) (Love loves the love)

                                   28)   Tera Venaka (3 kathalu) (Behind the curtain)

                                   29)   Anitara Sadhyudu (6 stories) (The unvincible)

                                   30)   Ammaki Adivaramleda? (3 stories) (Does mother not have a Sunday?)




Longer essays (15):

                                   31)   Nastikatwam: oka parisiilana (Atheism: an examination)

                                   32)   Nisita parisilanaa, dagaakooru parisiilanaa? (Is it critical examination or deceptive examination)

                                   33)   Janasahitito maavibhedalu (Our differences with the organization 'Jana Sahiti')

                                   34)   Nastikavadam, hetuvadam, navyamanavavadam (Atheism, Rationalism and Radical Humanism)

                                   35)   Nidato Yuddham (Fight with the shadow)

                                   36)   Chalam Sahityam (Literature of Chalam)

                                   37)   'Yagnam' Kathamida rendu vyasalu (Two essays on 'Yagnam')

                                   38)   Tulasidalamkadu, Ganjayidammu (It is not Basil leaf, but puff of bhang)

                                   39)   Tigalagaru, donkantaa kadilindi! (They pulled the tendril, the whole bush moved!)

                                   40)   Jalledeki enni chilluloo annichillulu! (As many holes as the sieve has!)

                                   41)   'Asamanatvam' looninchii 'Asamanatvam' looki (From 'inequality' to 'inequality')

                                   42)   Vadukabhashee raastunnaamaa? (Are we writing the colloquial language only?)

                                   43)   Telugu nerpadam elaa? (How to teach Telugu?)

                                   44)   Kondanutavvi elakanukuudaa pattanattu! (It is like digging the hill and not catching even a rat)

                                   45)   Intipanii, baitipanii (House work and outside work)

                                   46)   'Dalita' samasya parishkaaraaniki Buddhudu chaaladu, Ambedkaruu chaaladu, Marx kaavaali! (For the solution of the 'dalit' question, Buddha is not enough, Ambedkar too is not enough, Marx is needed!)



Essay-collections (4):

                                   47)   Stri Sweccha (10 essays) (Freedom of Woman)

                                   48)   Katnam Hatyalni Apalema? (23 essays, etc.,) (Can't we stop dowry deaths?)

                                   49)   Panimanushulukuda Manushule! (20 essays, etc.) (Domestic servants are also human beings)

                                   50)   Marxism ante emiti? (3 essays, etc.) (What is Marxism?)



Questions and Answers (2):

                                   51)   Sastriya Drukpatham (konni prasnaluu, javabuluu) (Scientific Outlook: some questions and answers)

                                   52)   Pathakula prasnaluu, Ranganayakamma javabuluu (Questions of Readers and answers of Ranganayakamma)



Translations from English (2):

                                   53)   Chinaloo eemjarugutoondi? (Charles Bettelheim's 'China Since Mao)

                                   54)   Chinaloo saamskruta viplavamuu, parisramala nirvahanaa (Charles Bettelheim's 'Cultural Revolution and Industrial Organization)



Other writings (2):

                                   55)   Ramayana Vishavruksham (Critique of Valmiki 'Ramayana' in 3 volumes) (Ramayana, the poisonous tree)

                                   56)   Marx 'Capital' parichayam (Marx's 'Capital': An Introduction, in 5 volumes)




*      Ranganayakamma has been writing since 1955 and the dates of her writings and their first publication have been the same.

*      Most of her works have been published either in weekly magazines, monthly magazines or daily newspapers and subsequently been published in the form of books.

*      She came into contact with Marxism in 1973 and began to write from that perspective since then.

*      She wrote 'new' prefaces to her writings of pre-1973 period, making a self-reexamination of some of  her earlier ideas.

*      She abridged some of the reprints of her novels and suspended one of her earliest popular novels 'Krishnaveni' from publication as it may not be of much use to the readers.

*      She decided to suspend some short-stories from publication as they may not of any use/interest to the readers.

*      The Andhra Pradesh Sahitya Academy (a governmental academy for literature) gave her an award for the novel 'Balipitham' in 1965; but she began to oppose awards whether they are governmental or non-governmental after she came into contact with Marxism).

*      She edited and published a literary monthly magazine 'Prajaa Saahiti' (Peoples' Literature) during August 1977 and May 1979.


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